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Be yourself is the new sexy

Belgian Fine Art photographer Frank De Mulder is annoyed by the social media circus that is ruled by unrealistic standards and full of fake pictures. So he had the idea to photograph four women as simply as possible, exposing their souls as much as possible and portraying their personality.

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Hannes Windrath

Even though we only live four and a half miles apart from each other we had never met. I decided, it's about time for a change and cycled to Hannes. We sat down for a couple of hours and spoke about his vision on photography.

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Pre-sale of my new book

After the success of my first book, I decided I wanted to give something back to my dear supporters. In Germany, we have an agreement of the fixing of book prices. It's actually not an agreement, it's a dead serious law. For eighteen months the book price must stay fix without any exceptions. No discounts and no price increase. But hey, eighteen months? My last book was sold out in nine. But then I had an idea...

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My choice of glass

When I read discussions on photo gear, it's all about lenses. People keep asking what kind of lens they should take on their trips and which lenses perform better than others. Here's an introduction to what I photograph with.

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