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Unofficial Symphony

Everyday we face thousands of images. I am always amazed by the number of great photographers out there. But in the social networks, I am also surrounded by so much negativity and insignificance that I believe it's better to look towards inspiring artists. So here we go.

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Chiara Bianchino

There's something about Italian girls. They are considered impulsive and sanguigni (lit: bloody) because they can't hold their tongues and raise their voices. Chiara is such a passionate Italian woman and here's what she told me when I met her in Milan.

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A tripod that fits in a pocket

After a couple of years, you can judge better what gear is useful and what stuff rests in the drawer for years. There's one little camera tripod I am constantly using and that barely anyone knows. So, I thought, I tell you about it.

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A great year for me ends

So it's already December again. An exciting year is drawing to a close. I travelled to many places in 2017 and worked on very interesting projects. Many things have been pushed forward in the past months and while I usually rather remain the invisible guy behind the camera, I am happy to tell you a bit about my adventures of 2017.

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