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Printing a coffee table book

As I invested so much time in producing the content for my new book, I wanted to attend the printing process as well. So, as with my previous book, I joined the print workers and witnessed the fascinating process of printing the sheets.

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My choice of glass

When I read discussions on photo gear, it's all about lenses. People keep asking what kind of lens they should take on their trips and which lenses perform better than others. Here's an introduction to what I photograph with.

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Forever young

Staying connected to the youth is essential for my work. Because we all want to stay young, freeze the best years of our lives. When nothing mattered more than joyful moments and you had no sorrows. Playfulness, childishness, crazyness. How do you put this into a visual experience?

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Chiara Bianchino

There's something about Italian girls. They are considered impulsive and sanguigni (lit: bloody) because they can't hold their tongues and raise their voices. Chiara is such a passionate Italian woman and here's what she told me when I met her in Milan.

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