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Martin Wieland

For many years I have been following Martin's work as a nude photographer. His black and white calendar is known far beyond the borders of Austria. As I was heading to a production to Vienna myself, I decided to make a stop-over in Neunkirchen, the hometown of Martin Wieland. We chatted about models, shooting experiences and his new large-sized photo book.

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Stabilized Footage

Even though my Sony A7RII has an In Body Image Stabilization (IBIS), I was a bit unhappy with videos I filmed freehand lately. When walking, it's just impossible to keep a shot steady without the use of additional gear. So I decided to search for a suitable gimbal that can hold my Sony steady with ease. With the Zhiyun Crane 3 I found a proper tool.

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The look of the 80s

When you make a mood board of a certain decade, it is interesting to see how colors, patterns and things universally describe an era. But how do such things happen? And who created the look of the 80s?

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Believe in instagram

Instagram is the place to be. There's nothing else. You can have thousands of followers and become famous. And even get freebies from companies. Instagram is open 24 hours every day so you should not miss out. This is what I learned during my past shootings.

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