Crucial External Hard Drive

Crucial External Hard Drive

After both Sandisk and Western Digital made so much bad news about their external hard drives last year, I was looking for an alternative. Small external hard drives are simply important for shooting trips.


It's a shame when companies gamble away their trust and then show no sensitivity in their external communication. What would be worse than data loss if I produce abroad?

Unfortunately, Sony has already disappointed me with their Tough memory cards and I can only advise against them. While I previously used the second card slot not as a backup but as a storage space extension, I was forced to change this after corrupt image data.

When abroad, I transfer data to my MacBook Air in the evenings. It has 1TB of storage space and no software other than Photoshop and Capture One on it. I basically only need the laptop for storing and reviewing images when on a shooting trip.

Even though the MacBook seems very robust, I don't want to risk anything and backup my data to an external hard drive, too.

For years that was a Sandisk Extreme Pro, where the name suggested that it was designed for my purposes.

When the first one broke, I really thought I was just unlucky and was glad that my data was still on my laptop. After the press reported numerous failures, I looked for an alternative.

I finally decided on a Crucial X9 Pro 1TB Portable SSD. A small and stable-looking external drive that is also extremely fast.

Of course, it is only fast if the computer to which it is connected also has a very fast port. Fortunately, this is the case with the MacBook. It takes around 20 minutes to copy all images from one day to the disk which is really nice because I hate waiting. So far I haven't had any data loss, which I hope will stay that way.

And the disk is small enough to carry it in my pocket at all times. Literally, all the time.


I bought the hard drive myself and am writing about it of my own free will. This is not a sponsored article, but my personal opinion.