First aid stuff for the shoot

First aid stuff for the shoot

Although I'm always very careful on shoots, accidents happen quickly. I often come home with bruises and my wife asks me what I've been doing again. But I don't even remember bumping myself. It's a different story with a bleeding wound, though.


When I'm focused and giving it my all, it's like I'm in a tunnel. It's actually a miracle that I haven't fallen off a cliff yet. But joking aside! There have been two minor accidents on my past trips. Once the model fell naked off a longboard and suffered bloody wounds on the road. I didn't take any photos of this, but took care of her right away.

The other time, I filmed a model running on the beach and ran backwards myself. Stupidly, a 50cm high lava rock with razor-sharp edges was sticking out of the sand and it caught me. Fortunately, I reacted quickly and was able to jump up at the first contact so that I didn't fall onto the rock. But I still bled.

After washing off the blood
So I don't bleed all over the bed

What I'm actually getting at is that if something like that happens to you, you need bandages. And I've now found out that rental cars practically always lack this. These things also happen on public holidays or at times when pharmacies are already closed.

That's why I can only recommend going to the supermarket before a shoot and buying a few band-aids, bandages and alcohol to disinfect for a mere 5 €. It really is that cheap in the supermarket and so there's really no reason to save on something like that.

They got all kind of stuff for cheap

But it is much more important to be careful. Never run backwards, don't walk too close to the edge and so on. I know, I sound like Piggy Smart. I'll stop with the wise advice — but don't forget to carry first aid stuff with you when out on a shoot, please.

Less than 5 € — well invested