Shipping overseas (tax free)

Shipping overseas (tax free)

Shipping my illustrated book overseas is damn expensive. There's no denying that. But I pack and ship the book in such a way that it can't be damaged en route, even if the parcel carrier treats it roughly.


A DHL parcel to overseas costs € 47.99. I only charge € 47, which is still a lot of money. But I pack every parcel extra securely. And it looks like this.

DHL prices

Step One

I slide the book into bubble wrap and pack it tightly in special Colompaq book packaging with edge protection.

Wrapping the book
Colompaq's edge protection

Step Two

I take a double-wall cardboard box, place the book packaging in it and cover it with bubble wrap.

Box in box

Step Three

I add the customs declaration and the shipping label. The 2.5 kilogram package is ready. Even if it gets dents on the way, the book is protected inside.

Ready for shipping

No customs duty or other taxes apply

Ordering things from outside the European Union often results in the fear that there might be customs duty or other taxes added to the purchase. I have checked the government documents and fill out the customs declaration form correctly.

There are no additional fees you need to pay when ordering my book!

For the UK, the amount you currently pay for my book (approx. £ 102.50) is below £ 135 and therefore you neither have to pay VAT nor customs duty.

Also the official US government documents specify that my book is free of customs duty (page 2, other, art and pictorial books).

When ordering from Switzerland (I know, Switzerland is not overseas from Germany), you also don't have to pay any taxes. The book price is below CHF 200 and the photo book — being art photography — is considered to be a cultural asset and therefore free from VAT.