A new playlist

A new playlist

Music is a wondrous thing. It creates a soft carpet of sounds and washes it into our ears. It gets us in the mood and that's exactly why it's helpful to play beautiful music at a shoot. But what is beautiful music?


Recently, a model said to me that my playlist was ok. Her father would also listen to such songs. For me a clear sign: I urgently need a new playlist. With fresh songs. Sounds that put us (at least most of us) in a sensual mood. Without putting you to sleep.

As much as I like to listen to lounge or spa music myself, it's too relaxed for a shoot. The model should actually get right into a groove and the music help her loosen up.

Now I've spent many hours looking for new albums that have a nice mix of music. A bit of Ibiza sound, a bit of Erotic Lounge Music, something like a Best of Bob Marley. But I am not really happy with what I can find. Either it's too modern and I cannot relate to the songs at all or they are songs from my own childhood. This does not make sense and I clearly need help.

Do you have any idea what music would be good for a shoot and would bring a 25 year old woman in a sensual mood?