Eighties memories

Eighties memories

To find ideas for a shoot, you have to look left and right. Beyond the edge of your nose. And then you discover things everywhere that would be potentially interesting. My readership (or do you say viewership?) is similar to my age. That's why things from the eighties fit pretty well.


Because I'm also interested in music and synthesizers, and there are some really crazy channels on YouTube, for example from a guy who repairs old keyboards, which I find super fascinating, a different video was suggested to me.

And boom, there it is, a new image idea:

Pin Ball

Now I just need a cool old pin ball machine. That is going to be difficult. But the idea is already born. Where can I find an old pin ball machine from the 1970s or 1980s and the location would potentially be suitable for a shoot?


Source: Tokyo Matt
Description: Suzanne Ciani creates the soundtrack for a pinball machine in a documentary from the early 80s.