Summer dreaming

In August 1991, the summer dreaming song by Kate Yanai made it to the top of the German charts. The single remained at #1 for eight weeks. If I was to mention one song that describes longings and summer emtions very well, this would be it.


Kate Markowitz was a singer back in the 1980s. She recorded a song that was only one minute long but the melody described the summer feeling so well, it was played in coverages about the Seychelles and so on. Even DJs sampled the tune and soon it was clear, this was an interesting song for a commercial, too.

They composed the song Bacardi Feeling and a long version called Summer Dreaming. I was never really aware, those were different songs and I believe, Bacardi didn't mind this at all. As a kid, I secretly thought, Bacardi bought all the singles to make the song hit number one in the charts.


Bacardi feeling (Summer dreamin') feat. Kate Yanai

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