Viva la vulva

All women have vaginas. But today society moves backwards claiming this is something to feel ashamed of. Come on! Viva la vulva.


This advertisement comes so subtle, I even missed the part where the product is being shown when I watched the clip for the first time. It's funny. Great production value. Maybe key to becoming a viral clip. But wait. Vagina and viral. This doesn't go together in our not so liberal world. Society is moving backwards, censorship is growing. Therefore I celebrate this advertisement as I believe in strong women who are proud and aware of themselves. Viva la vulva!

P.S. I stumbled upon this clip because a few months ago, I bought a shell similar to the one in the video to photograph it in front of a vagina. Probably not such a unique idea. Yet it's a nice visual. Kind of the opposite to phallic symbols.


via Kim Gehring