Yoli Lara by Ana Dias

Last year, I wanted to do an interview with Ana for my blog, but she is traveling so much, we missed each other when I was in Portugal. So, I figured, I'll introduce her through her latest behind the scenes clip from a Playboy production she did in Puerto Rico.


Ana Dias is a photographer from Portugal. She is one of the few female nude photographers that I know. Yes, there are a few and very good ones, too, but still, it's a male dominated profession. To me, Ana stands out, because in her photographs she balances the typical (fake) glamour with true emotions. Her pictures look full of the joys of life.

And she has amazing concepts which are a true inspiration to me. Many of us photographers (I include myself) tend to think a bit too complicated. In Ana's sets all seems boiled down to the point. I don't know if you understand what I mean. It's just a simple concept all the time. Enough to not overstimulate. So it's exactly what I am after all the time, too.

But now, see for yourself. The joy and happiness of a behind the scenes Playboy shoot for Miss June 2019 (hey, that's two months ahead!):

P.S. Ana, one day, we'll make it happen and finally meet!



Behind the scenes of Playboy Miss June 2019 - Yoli Lara - photoshoot.

Photographer: Ana Dias
Video: Filipe Figueiredo
Location: Puerto Rico