How will the weather be?

How will the weather be?

Is it warm enough for outdoor nudes? Will it be sunny? As a photographer, I am very dependent on the weather. Sun without clouds is brutally hard. Cloud cover often provides pretty boring light, though. And when it rains, everything becomes much more difficult. So where would I be without the good old weather report?


I think I've seen it all. Fresh snow in the middle of July (in Austria and Switzerland). Senseless rain and gullies pushed out of the street. Temperatures of over 40 degrees in Europe.

With all the technical progress mankind has made in the last decades, I still sometimes wonder about the weather report. It is often simply a weather report. So not a forecast as one would expect, but a report about how the weather is or was at the moment.

Report or forecast?

But who needs something like that? I can look out of the window for that. I don't need a website or an app for that. And if I get a raindrop on my head, I notice that too. I'd just like to know in advance whether it's going to rain.

Afternoon sun

Meteorology is unfortunately a very complicated science. The smallest changes in the numbers in calculation models lead to a contrary outcome of the forecast, they say. And so it has remained to this day that longer-term weather forecasts are practically impossible. And the weather can be predicted only inaccurately.

I had to painfully realize this when I was in Ibiza this year and the app changed from a little rain to more rain to finally all day rain. Since this happened in real time, I couldn't reschedule either.

Fortunately, I still managed to get some good photos. But once again I had to realize that weather forecasts are a bit like gambling. A statement like "temperatures from 18 to 32 degrees" is unfortunately too inaccurate for me. And a 40% chance of rain doesn't help me either. So it is less likely that rain will occur than that it will stay dry. Only, if it rains, it means: See, we told you so!

You always have to take some risk. Also postpone a production, if that is still possible. Or think of a plan B (e.g. a canopy of some kind).

iPhone sees rain coming
BBC was right

I've been following different weather forecasts for a long time now. From my very subjective point of view, I can say that the forecast on the iPhone is always a bit pessimistic. Here it rains more and harder than other weather reports predict.

Google Weather remains very vague, so it's not really helpful for me.

I've had the best experience recently with the BBC Weather forecast. They predict the weather further than it would actually be serious (says the competition). But that's often what helped me.