The ominous chocolate side

The ominous chocolate side

Sometimes people make fun of the German language. They say German sounds hard and has very complicated words. But that's not always the case. There is this one word that, amazingly, doesn't exist like that in English: Schokoladenseite.


The chocolate side is the good and beautiful side of a person. The term refers to both appearance and character. When it comes to photography, of course I'm talking about the looks. And even after many years, I am always surprised that every person has two sides.

One side of the face appears softer, the other harder. We are talking about nuances here, but they are noticeable.

How do you find out the chocolate side?

Some say the side where the parting is drawn is the chocolate side. Or the one with the bigger eye. For me, that's a bit too imprecise. That's why I prefer to ask which side the model is taking selfies from, and I sort of let her show me. Not that there's any confusion of left or right.

This is a good starting point for me. But pay attention: It doesn't mean that the selfie side is really the better side. Maybe the model likes to look tough and likes to hide the sweet chocolate side in her self-portraits.


So there's nothing like trying things out. Different sides, different perspective and of course frontal looking into the camera as well.

Even if this is not satisfactory as a conclusion now: There is no right or wrong. But you should be aware that there is a difference.

At one of my last shoots, the model told me "I have two chocolate sides" and we both had to laugh.