The wet hair look

The wet hair look

When it comes to wet hair, opinions differ. For some, the look reminds them of greasy and unwashed hair, while others — like me — celebrate the look. It has to match the hairstyle and hair texture, of course. But when it does, I totally go for it.


To be honest, I have no idea, why I like wet hair! Wet hair may have something wonderfully daring, wild and thus also erotic. Keyword: moisture. For me, the wet hair look fits super to the summer, it looks like freshly risen from the shower or like directly after bathing in the sea.

Even better, the look is also one of the trend hairstyles in 2022. Now I just have to find a model who agrees with me and wears a hairstyle that looks sexy with wet hair.

And this is what the whole look is like

I believe, it looks best with hair at a maximum of shoulder length as you can see in this video.