Dear lingerie designers

Dear lingerie designers

Labeling a piece of underwear with its size and type of fabric is something important to do. You also need to add washing instructions. And another label for the country of production is popular as well. You might want to add your logo, too. But have you ever though about the comfort of wearing these labels on your skin?


Three layers of labels that sit right in your buttocks chink can't feel comfortable. But this is none of my business. I am just hinting to you designers that it might be nice for your clients to buy something that comes without all these tags.

Now, you might wonder why I even care. That's easy to explain.

The uncomfort of these numerous tags bugs me as a photographer as well. You buy a beautiful piece of lingerie that exists only of very little fabric. And yet, it's covered up with labels. When it's not my own, but the model's underwear, I cannot cut them off. I might not even have a pair of scissors with me. And trust me, removing the tags in post production is a pain in the ass, too.

3 labels plus envelope on a garter belt
Removed labels from the styling of one single shoot

The solution could be so simple. Add your instructions with a safety pin to your fabric. It can be removed without scissors and you can make a nice branding on it as well.

Mimi Holliday for example attached a small envelope with notes. This is sweet. But then, please don't add those three additions labels. Especially if they use the same seam that holds your piece of lingerie together. It's impossible to cut it off nicely without destroying the garmet.

I am aware this is a first world problem. But please, designers, feel encouraged to re-think the labeling of underwear. Thank you!