How to get glowing skin

How to get glowing skin

In nude photography you will often see shiny skin. It's like a visual touch of an oil massage, I guess. At least, it looks good and many people have already offered me to be the body oil assistant. But there is no such job.


Usually the model puts on the oil by herself. Or, in case, a makeup artist is around, she can help out, too. And here comes the story: Makeup artist Anna Monz just taught me her trick.

There's a product called Olive Miracle — Magical Growth Sheen that is usually used to get shiny hair. Or it repairs hair. Or whatever it does, you can buy it in an Afro Shop and it comes in a green spray can.

Oil in a can

The advantages over a regular baby oil are that it smells damn nice (baby oil smells nice, too, I know!), you don't get oily hands, because you can spray it on the body parts where it should be at and it is much easier to dose.

The smell really is good. And the spray can is unlikely to leak in your baggage. This happened to me with baby oil and I can tell you I wasn't amused when I opened up my suitcase afterwards.

Just be aware that oily skin leaves spots on walls, windows, furniture. So, I highly recommend you to use this stuff only outdoors.



Please be aware that a can with more than 100ml is considered to be too dangerous to put in checked baggage, because it could explode.