The power of the smile

The power of the smile

Reading and learning body language are really powerful tools when working as a photographer or model. A sexy facial expression is usually a little bit evil, with a poker face and slightly squinted eyes. But smiling in nude photography is massively underestimated!


Smile is universal. We understand this body language from an early age. Anywhere on the planet. Isn't that crazy? And we can usually tell a real smile from a fake smile. Sometimes we fall for the fake smile, but usually we automatically get it right.

My wife always calls my fake smile a Charlie Brown smile. With this, the corners of the mouth are raised and pulled outwards. I show a lot of teeth and nothing happens in my eyes. I show this smile when I'm expressing my motivation for unnecessary housework or when I've screwed up something.

However, in a real smile, the eyes laugh along with the smile. Something happens here in the expression of the eyes. Smiling with the eyes is difficult to achieve at the push of a button. For it to appear really genuine, it must actually come from within. One also speaks of inner beauty. That could be what it means.

Smiles are the pennies of happiness.

Heinz R├╝hmann (German actor)

A real moment of joy
Sylvia actively smiling from within

Smiling is not only an expression of joy, but also its trigger. Smiling immediately makes us happier and puts us in a better mood. At the same time, our brain doesn't care if there is a reason to laugh.

You may have heard that this trick can help you get back in a better mood on gloomy days. Simply look in the mirror for 30 seconds and smile. The muscles involved in smiling signal the brain about the grin, whereupon happy hormones are released. And while these endorphins are released, the release of the stress hormone adrenaline is suppressed. Ingenious, isn't it?

A smile costs less than electricity and gives more light.

And smiling is contagious! So it also works when we see photos with smiling women. This is not only used in advertising. I also want to use this secret weapon in my photographs. Because I have decided: We humans smile far too rarely! Everywhere there are long faces and serious expressions.

Hurray for the smile!