Model Call

Model Call

I have been working on a new book since 2019. During the pandemic, I had to forgo larger projects for almost two whole years. In the meantime, however, I travel a lot again and have planned great picture series. For this I am looking for models. This is a model call.


Not many models get lost on my website. I am aware of that. But here it is easiest for me to start a call. And maybe someone knows someone and by word of mouth a great model applies to me in the end.

I am looking for women for various projects. On the one hand, these are magazine publications in German-speaking countries. Here, German-speaking models are desired (by the client). Why German? Because they should be available later, for example, for interviews on the radio.

And for my upcoming book, I am also looking for special women. An overly pretty face is always important to me. Short or long hair, here I am open. Likewise with the hair color. The body size (and boob size) also does not matter, as long as the proportions are sporty. In the end, it's all about aesthetics.

The pictures I take are nude photos and they do get published. Please ask yourself, if you are happy with that.

Shoots take place in Europe (mostly Spain, Germany, Belgium, France, Austria).

It would be great if women who like to show themselves in front of the camera would apply. No experience required. The age range should be somewhere between 20 and 30 years. I look forward to receiving applications! Thank you very much.

P.S. All projects are paid.