Playboy Germany, June 2022 Edition

Playboy Germany, June 2022 Edition

I just returned from Paris and one of my first walks was to the newsstand. I bought a copy of the new Playboy Germany edition that just came out. The edition is called June and the numbering is confusing me a little as it's just the beginning of May. But that's not the point here.


Actually, I am only posting to let you know that my first publication in Playboy for this year is out now. It's an eight pager that I photographed in Mallorca.

There are two other pictorials in the magazine and to be honest, I am writing this, before I even took the time to browse through Playboy properly.

Before you ask, the rhubarb cake was very delicious.

As usual, you can find more images in the Playboy Premium section.

My first magazine publication this year

It's nice to be finally published again as the pandemic break felt extremely long and I kind of lost the sense of time. Meanwhile, I have so many shootings going on that my life feels almost back to normal — except for the fact that the world is still upside down due to the despicable war by Russia in the Ukraine.

It still weighs heavily on me.

Me in the beer garden