First times

First times

Our life is based on experiences. We collect these from a young age on. We try to get up, fall down and this is how we learn to walk. At some point we eat a chocolate cake for the first time or swim in the sea. These moments shape us (not speaking about calories here). First times are always something special.


In 1989 Robin Beck sang: "First time, first love — oh what feeling is this…" I am sure, the melody is present in your head, too. And if only for the Coca Cola commercial.

First times are also very intense for me as a photographer, because they spread magic. Even as a grown-up, there are still plenty of first times — at least I can say so.

There are, for example, travel destinations that I have never been to in my life. I could name many locations that I would like to discover in the future. More from a photographic point of view than to tick off a bucket list.

Routine is the counter-part of first times. For compulsory tasks, routine is great. But when you keep repeating yourself too often, sooner or later you'll lose the excitement.

There is nothing wrong with routines. I have a lot of routines in my everyday life as I am a very structured person.

Routines help to clear your head. The best ideas come to you when you are taking a shower, right? Washing works automatically without actively thinking. And when the mind is free, thoughts begin to dance and sometimes bring interesting things to light.

In a creative process, however, first times are important. They radiate a spirit of discovery and make you feel like a pioneer. Inside of you, there's that excitement. Excitement that keeps you feel alive and helps being creative. It's like a driving force.

I especially experienced this during the pandemic when my life was all about routines only and it felt terribly uninspiring to me.

First time in Ibiza

Moments you won't forget

Sometimes I think back to shooting days where I got up at 4:30 in the morning, drove two hundred kilometers by car, stopping and taking photos in between and continuing like that until sunset.

On my first ever trip to Ibiza, it was like that. For both the model and me, it was the first time to this beautiful island and we were both on fire.

When I discovered the island for the first time, I was burning with enthusiasm.

Addicted to more

First times make you feel addicted. This feeling of concentration and respect turning into an endorphine rush and exhilaration, makes you want to experience it again and again. But a second time always competes with your first time experience. So, it's easier and more safe to create another first time to the feel the excitement again.

Maybe this is the old hunter-gatherer thing that's often talked about in biology.

They say, you should remain a child inside when growing up. For the creative process, I believe, this is true. It is important to maintain this enthusiasm and curiosity.

We remember the first times in our lives. And I also want to capture such special stories with my camera — to create memories that last.

When was the last time, you did something for the first time?
At sunset