Is blonde dying out?

Is blonde dying out?

I am constantly looking for new models for my calendar and book projects. However, the formerly successful model platforms are hardly ever used by prospective models. Everyone is on Instagram these days. And one thing really struck me.


There are almost no blond models anymore! Are blondes already an extinct species? I always knew the light hair color was rare, but I didn't realize how rare it is. I told my wife, I believe there are only 10% blondes out there. Maybe even less. She thought 20% of all women were blonde. So I asked Aunt Google and the result of my search blew me away.

Globally, there are just under 2 percent blonde people. And less than 1 percent redheads.

No wonder I have such a hard time finding blonde girls for my projects.

I am convinced that there are more blonde women in Scandinavia. But unfortunately I have no contacts in the model scene there.

There's nothing wrong with dark hair. I like all hair colors! But since I don't want to do a book with only dark-haired women, please understand this article as a casting call once again:

Please blonde women, get in touch with me if you want to pose for my projects.

Thank you very much!

Me in 1981…
… and 1984

Another little funny story on the side. As a child, I had very light, blond hair myself. That didn't seem unusual to me at all. There were actually a lot of blond boys. At least that's how I remember it.

One day I was on a trip to Heidelberg Castle with my family and an adult Japanese man ran up to me and pulled my hair. I was maybe six years old then and I thought that was pretty rude of the tourist.

But it seems, he knew already that blond is a rarity and he wanted to check whether my hair was real.