Playboy Germany July 2020

Playboy Germany July 2020

Ooops, one month is already over again. I was surprised to see, we're in June already. Definitely don't want to get on anyone's nerves, but just would like to share with you that again, a new Playmate pictorial by me has been printed in the new issue of Playboy Germany. We barely had time for this shoot.


Probably for the first time ever, I photographed a girl that is still in school. She was innocent eighteen years old. Nothing to worry about. But for me, this meant scheduling a shoot abroad on a weekend and I had to make sure, the Playmate could make it back in time so she didn't miss her classes.

With a flight time of approxamitely four and a half hours to Fuerteventura, this only left one shooting day for us. Usually, I prefer to take two full days for producing a photo series, accompanying video clips and interview. But this time, I had to manage in a shorter period.

Behind the scenes

I knew the location already from a shoot that I had done for my book Frisky, so I knew how complicated it would be to shoot in a white villa. All the walls act like reflectors and make it very difficult to keep your eyes open. It basically is super bright. But I'm not a superman and can't work with my sunglasses on. I have seen other photographers do it. And it always made me wonder: How on earth are they seeing things properly?

When the sunlight hits the walls, you simply have to adjust your exposure all the time. From heavily underexposing to wildly overexposing the images. It's a bit more work behind the camera. But also it was for the Playmate in front of me. I told her to close her eyes and to open them when I count to three. This way she didn't have tears running because of the brightness.

Playboy Germany — July 2020. Get it here.

Doesn't sound super relaxing, I know. But besides the hard work, we wanted to make sure to have a lovely output of images. And we managed well! Honestly, I have to admit, Isabella has wonderfully shaped large boobs. This is not very common and definitely hard to find. They looked amazing, especially in the pool shots.

The July issue is out now and you can buy it digitally (from everyhwere in the world) or find the printed magazine at newsstands in Germany from now. They also ship the issue (no shipping costs charged), in case you're too lazy or don't dare to buy at a newsstand (which I think should never be the case, please).

Playboy Deutschland 07/2020

Besides the fifteen photos in the mag, you can find additional 35 pictures in the Playboy Premium section online.

It's also one of the many times that another pictorial of Ana Dias is in the same issue and this makes me happy, too. I love her photographs and enjoy them very much.

Really happy to announce this issue of Playboy Germany!