My 2021 calendar is out now

My 2021 calendar is out now

Usually I am printing my new calendar in August each year, so it can be ready for sale from September. But as I wasn't allowed to travel and stayed in my home office pretty much all of this year so far, I finished the calendar project earlier this time.


Corona grounded me awfully. I had intended to shoot in Ibiza, Paris, Vienna, Nice and Andalusia. All those shoots were not happening, so I had to come up with a plan b.

It was very important to me, not to come up with some bad remake of an old calendar of mine. And then, under the shower, I had the idea. Instead of making it in portrait format, I could print it in landscape orientation for 2021.

There are many nice horizontal photos from previous years that I was never able to use. Now, their time to shine has come.

Q1 / 2021

Like always, I was aiming for a good mix of images. Variation in poses and perspectives. And I am very satisfied with the selection I made. To my surprise, most of the images were taken in Paris (5), second most in Frankfurt (4), one in Vienna and one in Leeds.

Q2 / 2021

For me, the little calendarium box becomes less and less important each year. So, I tried to mingle it with the surrounding colors this time. We all know, it's more an alibi than the reason for hanging the calendar on the wall.

Q3 / 2021

Finally Carla made it into my calendar with this all-time favorite shot I took of her in a beautiful Porsche 964 race car. The Fuck Yeah helmet looks awesome, too. Just in case you wonder, the other car is the DeLorean, where I photographed with an 85mm lens through the side window.

Q4 / 2021

I remember, Christiane has a lot of fans. So, I decided to have her return for the december sheet. She is a fantastic woman and with the first series I took of her, my application for Playboy went through.

Sorry, if I sounded a bit too enthusiastic over my own calendar. It's just a project that comes deep from my heart each year. Not a business, more a matter of the heart.

Actually, it's like that with all the photo projects you find on this website. And I believe, you can tell when you look at the images.

If you want to have a closer look and don't want to sit in front of my website all day, you could consider buying a copy of the calendar. You can find it here.