A new serene place to focus

A new serene place to focus

Positive news from Corona times. Finally, I am done with renovating my office space. I painted everything in white, installed new blinds and lamps. And I build a large new desk, sideboard and storage space. This is my minimalistic approach to distraction-free working.


After fourteen years, it was time for a change. I was tired of my dark wooden furniture and decided to go light with the colors.

I spent many days searching for a new desk, but couldn't find something that I liked. So, I came up with the idea, to have a desktop plate custom-made. It's a birch plywood table top with a linoleum finish in RAL 9018. On the left, I use an IKEA Alex to hold the desktop, on the right side I mounted white metal legs.

Legs and table top from the side
Linoleum surface

The tabletop weighs 23kg, but it looks very light due to a 25 degree skewed edge all around. That's quite a neat feature. And compared to my old IKEA table, it's a whole new experience working on this desk. The material is more dense, so typing doesn't make vibrations anymore. It all feels and sounds solid.

Being able to store my calculator, scissors, pens and papers in the drawer unit feels lovely, too.

Having such a clean space really helps me to focus on my projects. Whether it's planning new photo shoots or retouching images. An empty space around me, feels both luxurious and soothing.

Daria on the wall

Last year, I framed an artwork for a client behind so-called museum glas with UV protection. This looked so good that I invested in such frames for myself, now. I will change the photographs in my office on a regular basis. And I began with a photo of Daria that I took last year. It looks amazing in 50x70cm and makes me happy every morning when I enter my office.

Curtain behind me
To hide my storage

I have always been an organised person. So, I decided to keep my views clutter-free in the office as well. The heavy metal shelf doesn't look beautiful. But it was the most stable and efficient solution. The curtain does its job.

As I currently spend 10 hours per day inside my office, I am more than happy to have created this beautiful space.