Sublime Stories (27 of 30)

Sublime Stories (27 of 30)

When I started out with photography, I thought, one day, I would run around with my camera and shoot everyday. But reality is different. Most of the time, I sit at my computer, do office work from promoting photo series to selecting and retouching images. Or I simply plan photo shoots which takes up so much more time than the actual shoot.


Searching suitable locations is a very time-consuming task. But thanks to Google Maps, you're able to find places, even when you're still abroad. I have to admit, it took me several days, but then I found a spot in Mallorca where I felt, it could be perfect to do a photo shoot with a motor bike.

Location scouting

When I got to Mallorca, I drove to the spot I had found in Google Maps. And what should I say? It looked great. It was still there (you never know) and even more grass had grown over this abandoned playground in the middle of a residential area. But with many plants and trees around it, we could work there without people seeing us when driving by in their cars.

The bike rental who supported me for this shoot is called Vintage Motors and they were extremely helpful and friendly. As I am dropping their name and am linking to their website, you can consider this as an advertising, please. But just for the legal reasons. Because, in reality, it was like a friend borrowing his Moto Guzzi to me.

Burning sun

The sun felt very hot and merciless. It was simply burning on us with such a force, I wasn't used to this. I love sunshine, but this time, it almost felt like having a sunstroke.

When I color grade my own photo stories, I don't look for natural colors. I don't need a grey card to get the colors right. Because colors are something that you feel rather than see. Therefore, I dragged the white balance sliders all the way up to 12,000 Kelvin. Now, they feel the way I perceived during the shoot.

Kate on the Moto Guzzi

I took all of the images with my Zeiss Batis 85mm lens. It has a superb sharpness and is my preferred focal length for outdoor shoots currently.

I would like to try out a 135mm lens as well, but I am not sure, if the distance to the model will be too high. Shooting nudes is about finding the right amount of distance, too. You need to be close, but never too close. And you'll lose intimacy if you're too far away, I believe.