Sublime Stories (23 of 30)

Sublime Stories (23 of 30)

Being in the middle of nowhere with Katia was such a relief. There was nothing around us which could disturb us from work. The next houses were far away, you only heard the sounds of animals every now and then. This did not only feel calming, but it allowed concentrated and targeted work. A fantastic experience and the first time I spent the Easter holidays alone with a model.


Privacy is very important for me during a shoot. I want to have the full concentration and attention of the model on the set, but when we call it a day (after dinner), I need my privacy and the model should have hers as well.

In this beautiful villa in Portugal, we did not only have separate rooms, we also had our own bathrooms ensuite and large balconies and terraces (really both) with each room. It was very spacious and luxurious.

It cost more than I would spend on a holiday myself, but special shoots ask for extraordinary locations. The interesting architecture and especially the feeling of being at such an exceptional location adds to the pictures. Even if you don't see much of the interior.

I breathed at the lens to achieve this effect

The bathroom's were amazing. Large marble surfaces with a rain shower. The marble felt soft and warm on your feet. It wasn't fully smooth, but had a very sublte grip. Every detail was so well thought of that it surprised me. Like a top window in the ceiling above the mirror by the sink, for example. But not just a regular window. It was located in a high chimney, so it always spread an even and natural light to the person in front of the mirror.

In the bathroom
Misty window

At night the temperature fell to around 5 degrees Celsius. So in the morning, after the shower, the large windows went misty. I tried to photograph Katia through the glass. And in one of the shots, I accidently focussed on the window. The shot looks weird if you look at it, but when you have a higher viewing distance, the water drops disappear and you can clearly see Katia taking of her panties.