Sublime Stories (12 of 30)

Sublime Stories (12 of 30)

I have secretly put 7 pictures into Sublime that are a homage to photographers I admire. This title picture is one of them. The way Chiara poses, her expressions are so much like in the photographs of... Can you guess who?


Sorry, I won't tell you. Because it doesn't matter what I was thinking when I selected the images. I hate it when you have to explain art. Either the viewer likes it or not. When an image appeals to you, there's no reason to explain it further. There's always (a bit too much) thinking behind my photographs. And even when I try to hide it by unusual cropping, it was done on purpose.

As I photograph for the reason of entertainment only, I don't see the necessity of deeper knowledge when my photos get consumed.

Tough selection

A woman confronted me recently and complained that I only photograph tall girls. This was not fair, she said. But funnily, it's not true, either. Chiara is one of those girls where you can't tell their height. She has perfect proportions. She is slim and equipped with long legs. Boom. She looks tall.

Actually, many of the girls I work with are short. Only runway models are tall, because they need to look like an army of perfection when they do their catwalk. The designers request a certain height. With my own photo stories, it's all about being height-weight proportional. The actual size doesn't matter.

I discovered Chiara when she was quite unknown. She was eager to become a well-known model and while working on my book Sublime I helped her to make this dream come true. I photographed her for Playboy Germany. It was a huge exception, because normally girls who become Playmates in Germany need to be German. Chiara is Italian, though. But she was so beautiful that Playboy couldn't resist and asked me to take a series with her.

Chiara is a very powerful woman. You need to know how to handle your camera when photographing her, so you don't miss the perfect moment. Because there are so many of them and she is eager and moving fast. I love working with vibrant women. It's so much better than models that you need to motivate to move.

Chiara in the bathroom

You can divide men into boob and butt lovers, someone once told me. She said, it depends whether you were breastfed as a baby or not. I have no idea, if this is true. But put me on the side of the butt lovers, please. Check out Chiara's behind! Isn't that pure beauty?

No matter whether you were breastfed or not, I took images for all of us.