Sublime Stories (11 of 30)

Sublime Stories (11 of 30)

Do you sometimes think a girl is too beautiful? I mean, is there such a thing as too much beauty? I am still brooding over this question. If exaggerated gracefulness exists, Olga is the living proof.


Perhaps, I think too much sometimes. I am a very sensitive person and in the past years, I have even forced myself to listen to my gut feeling. So far, it has never abandoned me.

It's a beautiful Sunday morning when I meet Olga in the streets of Paris. Rue du Faubourg Poissonnière, to be exact. A very beautiful street that I enjoyed very much. My apartment was in the top floor of a traditional building.

We had known each other for a few years, but never managed to arrange a shoot together. Of course, we did not run into each other by accident. We had an appointment in Paris. Because we were both there at the same time and both had a few hours off in the morning. Perfect to arrange a shoot.

I knew Olga's fantastic body from pictures and therefore immediately knew that I wanted to photograph her in black lingerie. Her boobs are perfectly shaped, too.

Getting ready

I took a portrait shot of Olga through a plastic prism (a toy I bought in a souvenir shop). Just in case you wondered when browsing Sublime. This is not post production, it was shot like that in camera. And I absolutely loved how her beautiful smile repeats several times in the frame.

I found a set of glass vases in the apartment and figured they'd be the perfect match with Olga's round boobs. Again, so beautiful.

And just in case you wonder why there are only four pages of Olga in the book, even though I rave about her beauty, the answer is simple: I did not want to repeat myself. In my previous book Frisky, there were many shots that looked similar to what I have photographed with Olga. And each of my books should be unique. They say, kill your darlings and it was a tough one with the Olga pictures, but therefore I am even more happy with the four pages that I chose.

Another outake