Lindley Hotel Opening in Frankfurt

Lindley Hotel Opening in Frankfurt

If you ever dreamt of sleeping with my pics, now you can. I feel honored to announce that a wonderful hotel with beautiful architecture and a great concept has just opened its doors in Frankurt. The opening party was last night, so I am finally able to speak about my contribution.


There are over 500 pieces of contemporary art in the Lindley Hotel and I was commissioned to photograph some of them.

I worked out a concept for a series of photographs and ended up traveling throughout Europe for nine months. To me, this project meant leaving my comfort zone as I photographed in a very different way than I am used to.

For example, I was walking around Porto for a few days straight. Strolling around, searching for a specific color scheme, shapes and things that could match the concept. Sometimes, I happened to wander through a city without taking one single photo for more than four hours. Just because I didn't find anything matching.

This felt frustrating, yet fulfilling as I knew, it's all part of the concept.

Artwork #22
Flowers in Urinal

Mister Lindley was the engineer who installed the modern sewer system in Frankfurt. This is why the visual concept includes things as industrialisation and sewerage. Besides that, the architecture circles around art nouveau and art deco. But with a totally modern touch to it.

Therefore you will find floral elements and shapes that are typical for those art movements in my images as well.

There is far more too discover and my visual concept is quite complex. But I believe art that needs to get explained, somehow doesn't feel right. So I want to leave it to the visitors to judge if they like the photos or not. Overall, you can find 110 pieces produced by me in the new hotel. They were printed in 70x100cm (28x40") and are framed in walnut wood behind clear glass.

Most of the photographs don't contain nudity, but I produced some nudes for this project, too. They look quite different from what I usually shoot, but I am very happy with how they turned out.

Girl in a tent
Homage to Egon Schiele
Girl out of focus

If you ever happen to visit Frankfurt, make sure you stay at the Lindley Hotel. Not only, because you'll find great art in this place, also the concept is quite unique and the staff is amazing!

P.S. Don't forget to visit the amazing bar in there, Marmion Bar.