Sublime Stories (10 of 30)

Sublime Stories (10 of 30)

Sabi is not only a healthy person, she also loves nature. As Tenerife is known for its black sanded beaches, we headed to the North of the island to explore the rocky beaches. It was a long but scenic drive along the coast. On the far right you could see Grand Canary and soon we crossed a small mountain and took a serpentine road to the beach.


It was a Sunday afternoon, so there were many people by the beach. We headed all the way to the end of the beach, where the mountain began. It was a nude beach zone and I was surrounded by naked people. Sabi had taken off her dress and walked in front of me.

I carried my camera in a plastic bag. Sometimes, I do this when I don't want to strike the attention. People don't take you for a pro photographer when you shoot with a tiny Sony camera and you don't carry a photo backpack. Noone cared that I was dressed in the nude beach section.

I assume they thought, this fourty year old guy is all excited for having a girl-friend half his age. Whatever their thoughts were, I was able to do a great shoot and this is what I love about Spain.

A nude beach shoot

The beach
View towards the horizon

I had to be a bit careful when photographing towards the horizon, because there was an oil platform. Photography is all about chosing the right frame. It felt a bit awkward, but I managed. At one point Sabi came walking out of the water and looked so Bond girlish. This shot is in Sublime. Maybe you feel the same about that photo.

When we were done and I had taken all the images that I wanted, Sabi asked me if it was ok that she walked naked to our car to get dried by sunrays. Fine with me. Close to the car park, there was a kiosk with many people. And I could feel their prying looks on Sabi's body. Somehow such scenes feel odd to me. And at the same time, I act like a voyeur, too, when my eyes follow every movement of her and I peep through my viewfinder.

There was another very funny moment. Sabi had put her dress back on. But without panties. And she asked me to walk in front of her, so I cannot see under her dress...

Another outake