Sublime Stories (9 of 30)

Sublime Stories (9 of 30)

Mallorca, the epitome of a summer holiday (at least for a German). Mallorca, an island so beautiful, it leaves you speechless. Beautiful beaches, cozy bays and lovely fields. If only there was no hay allergy.


Some things you have to learn the hard way. And I learned my lesson. When Kate and I drove around looking for spots to shoot at, I was so inspired by the nature and the beautiful colors that felt like late summer, in the middle of May. I pulled the car over and we ran into a freshly mown field. They had these hay bundles and don't ask me why, but I wanted to see how it looks if Kate jumps on one of these.

My wish was her command and the disaster began, only thirty minutes after we started working together. Her pale skin immediately turned red. It looked as if she got bitten by hundreds of mosquitos. We stopped at a pharmacy in the next village and bought some lotion to soothe her skin. But it didn't go fully away for the next two days.

So, for the series with Kate, I needed some extra hours in Photoshop. And from now on, I will stay away from the hay.

Stay away from the hay.
Beautiful after all

As with Ibiza, I prefer to go to Mallorca off season. There are less people and working as a photographer is easier. Mid of May, the season already begun, but I believe it was still better than during high summer. For some of the images that are in Sublime, I parked the car on a small road that was literally the width of the rental car. We worked there for half an hour with no car passing the road. Imagine this in Germany! Impossible.

Color-wise I decided for some blueish outfits and accessories this time. I found this suited Kate's pale skin and red hair very well. Again, we captured scenes like snapshots out of a movie. This is what I love to do. These true and believable moments. Like slices of life.

Mallorca will see us again