Soon to get published

Soon to get published

Time seems to fly. It's always like that when you're busy. I am so happy to announce that the cover page of my new book is finished. The title of the book has been set for 10 months already and the logo is ready now, too. So, as you can imagine, I am in the final steps and in a couple of months, after three years of intense work, my new coffee table book will be out.


The past months have been really exciting. I have been working my ass off since January but I believe it was worth it. All photos for my new book are produced now. The final sprint required quite a lot of thinking. I wanted to add two stories that were different than the rest.

Not only I needed locations for these, also the fitting models had to be found. Now, end of April, finally, the images have been shot. I am very thankful for the great support I had with finding locations. When you think, it's impossible, sometimes out of nowhere some doors open up and things seem so easy.

Behind the scenes

Anyways, like so often, I am beating around the bush. Sorry for that. But I really want to keep everything about my new book secret until it comes out. The good news is that I have been working on many, many details already. Currently the pre-ordering page is being developed and pre-ordering my book will start in around one month from now. Also, I have arranged the printing days at the publishing house.

I will be present when it is being printed, just like last time. Not only because it is a very interesting process, but also because I want to show that I am putting 100% into this book. If any questions occur, I'll be there. There's not much I can do during the printing, so I will just film a bit behind the scenes. It's always impressing to see the large amount of paper and a million dollar machine that spits out eight pages per second.

Finally, I also have set the official publishing date and just rented a space for my vernissage. Still a lot of things to do, but it is a super exciting year. I also like to say sorry for not blogging more often. The reason is fairly simple: I just didn't find the time. With deadlines on clients' photo sessions and retouching marathons, I simply couldn't post more. But I will try to write more in my blog. And soon I will be able to show the first teaser images, too.

Location of my vernissage