Victoria' Secret Fashion Show 2013

When I started photography, the annual Victoria' Secret Fashion Show was the hottest shit. There was no YouTube back then and getting the CBS broadcast was difficult for me in Germany. I remember at a party we had the show on loop on TV. Because the catwalk music was really cool and the whole vibe of the supermodels was just inspiring.


On a nostalgic winter evening in 2024, I remembered it. And just searched on YouTube. I didn't find the old, said show, but one from the "still good" time of Victoria Secret. When everything still had that special magic. The way the stage directions come from the off at the beginning and the whole dynamic of the show still inspire me today.

Victoria's Secret decided to stop its annual fashion shows in 2019. The decision was influenced by changing cultural attitudes and criticism of the show's lack of diversity and objectification of women. The brand also faced declining viewership and sales. Sad story, isn't it?