Lingerie Try On Haul

As we all know, inspiration can be found everywhere. Sometimes you don't even really know what the inspiration will be for. This may sound a bit muddled, but in university I learned to consciously keep my eyes open in all directions. And that's how I discovered this.


This year, I have resolved to keep in touch with the younger generation. To understand what they're up to and although it's mostly things that would have been unimaginable in my generation (geez, do I sound old now!), I don't want to judge it, I just want to observe it.

There is this funny term in English called "try-on haul". What is meant by this is that clothes are demonstrated in front of a running camera. When I think about it, it was actually the classic job of the mannequins in the 1920s. They presented the clothes to the customers in fashion stores like living mannequins.

So now, 100 years later, it's back again. And even though I found it super confusing at first, it's cute too, right?

For those wondering how I came to find such a video, let me remind you of Brandy Gordon's fitness video. And I am always searching new lingerie for my projects, too.


Brandy Gordon