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December 24, 2021

Lukas Dvorak XIII

Christmas time is always time to browse through photo books. And so I am very much pleased that Czech photographer Lukas Dvorak has just published a book. The specialist for black and white motives has fascinated me for a long time and his works from the past thirteen years are now presented in this printed edition.

Many years ago, I discovered Lukas Dvorak's art at Lumas gallery.

What spoke to me immediately was the intensity that his pictures carry. Black and white photography is an art in itself and he has mastered it. The contrasts and shapes. And the ability to freeze special moments so that they come back to life with the viewer. I also enjoy very much that Lukas uses props like for example toys and the images look very different from my own photos even though I have used similar toys as well. This feels enriching to me, to see how other artists create their world.

With 27x36cm the book is very large. And the Czech photographer wasn't layouting it crazily, but has given us viewers what we want: large-format representations of photographs through the entire book.

Some of the women in the book are so breathtakingly beautiful that it leaves one speechless. It is really a pleasure to look at the photos and pay homage to the beauty. Thank you, Lukas, for this great book!

Transparency: This is not a sponsored post. I bought the book by myself and write about it because I wanted to.

Lukas Dvorak XIII

Soft Cover
70 € plus shipping
220 pages

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© Lukas Dvorak
© Lukas Dvorak
© Lukas Dvorak

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