Overcoming Gravity

Art inspires and other artists fascinate and inspire me. Thinking outside the box is particularly fascinating. I have nothing to do with acrobatics, but when I saw Marion Crampe dancing on the pole, I was deeply impressed. She is a multiple champion in her field and I saw immediately why.


When I was young, I thought pole dancing was something from the red light district. How silly that attitude is! I'm glad I changed my mind on this for a long time.

Not knowing anything about pole dance, I also used to believe that the pole was stable. But in reality, it turns with the movement. Not that this makes pole dancing any easier. It still blows my mind every time I see someone do this.

And when Marion Crampe performs, it leaves me speechless. This elegance and strength at the same time. Borders that are being broken. Gravity that is overcome and movement that flows. Incredibly energetic and therefore a real inspiration for someone like me who comes from a different genre.

Please see for yourself:

P.S. The best videos are on her Facebook channel.


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