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October 6, 2021

Looking elsewhere

The great thing about my job is that visual inspiration can be found everywhere in everyday life. On a walk through nature, in a shopping center, while traveling. And although I focus myself on photography, it is often different art that helps to create connections and encourage new ideas.

So today it's not about photography, but about three painters and graphic artists. Briefly presented.

Tania Marmolejo

There is Tania Marmolejo, who has unmistakably large eyes as her trademark. Developing an unmistakable style is what we all strive for as artists. It doesn't matter whether we are musicians, painters or photographers. The reduction in her composition and formal language and the melancholy that she hides in beauty, speaks to me and inspires me.

© Tania Marmolejo
© Tania Marmolejo

Zander Bice

Zander Bice creates an unbelievable dynamic through flowing shapes and colored surfaces. This type of composition captivates the eye and inspires me because it shows how powerful graphical language can be. I love both mystery and energy in his works.

© Zander Bice

Jana Schoger

Before I discovered Jana Schoger, I didn't even know that erotic drawings were allowed on Instagram. Fortunately, there is little to no censorship here. Erotic representations are possible and Jana's way of drawing is great. Many of her works have incredible power and celebrate feminine beauty. I think it's especially great that a woman creates these erotic drawings. That is tremendously liberating and feels inspiring.

© Jana Schoger
© Jana Schoger
© Jana Schoger

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