Only a Dream

I would sing this song to my cats on a daily basis (if I had cats). This Miami Vice tribute by the band Dance With the Dead from their album Out of Body is amazing. To be honest, the whole album has no filling songs. Every piece is an amazing frame of mind.


What makes this music so special to me? I grew up in the 1980s and this decade influenced me. Probably because the youth is when we get shaped and learn the most. And those specific keyboard and synthesizer sounds instantly bring back memories. It's a certain longing that is burried deep inside of me. I kind of feel this in my chest instantly when I hear the sound. A feeling of anxiety and excitement. Call me nuts! Or maybe you know this feeling, too.

As a kid, I never watched Miami Vice. My parents were too strict and as there were drugs and guns, I was not allowed to watch this. I believe, I also went to bed early, always. We only had black and white television. And to be honest, Florida has to be in color, if you ask me.

So, even though, I never watched Sonny and Rico chase drug dealers, I was in awe when I saw them speeding in those white Ferraris and Lambos for the first time. Not to speak of their white suits and the funky hair styles. But this is another story.

And this is a huge inspiration to me (for my next photo book which will be about cars and beautiful women):


Music and Video: Dance With the Dead
Album: Out of Body