Fall inspiration

For some it's a melody, for some it's a scent. For me, the right visuals get me into a feel-good mood. A mix of childhood feelings, warmth and security, combined with the exotic charme of unknown places.


The fashion brand DÔEN is capable of sending me there. Those soft 60s or 70s colors, the grain and the summery feel as well as the overall relaxed atmosphere. I guess, these are the ingredients to make me feel good. Isn't it odd that grain is one of the ingredients? My own visuals are almost never grainy. Not shot on film and no added grain in post production.

The fact that you only see one person acting and no further distraction makes this special for me, too. I believe, they managed perfectly to incorporate the slower pace of the time back then.

And hell, what amazing locations! This makes my heart jump. Thumbs up!


Video by DÔEN
P.S. I really fancy the dresses, too.