A time for giving

At the end of the year, I recall what happened in the past months, slow down and somehow start feeling sentimental. My past year has been pretty much about selling books. Now, that I have opened the last palette of books, I decided to cover the shipping costs, worldwide.


Shipping fees are always a pain in the ass. Especially when sending parcels abroad. I understand that these costs are making my book unaffordable or at least unattractive to international clients. Therefore, I decided, to offer free shipping world-wide for a limited time from now. Christmas time is a time for giving.

Me when the cover was printed

I am very thankful how well my book sold and for the great press and feedback I have received. There were some heartwarming stories from people who bought my book, but they are too personal to tell. It was just such a great motivation for me.

This year, I began writing a concept for a new book. But it will take a long time, until I will have finished it. Right now, I plan to publish it in 2026.

In case you don't own a copy of Sublime yet or if you're looking for a Christmas gift for someone, please place your order now. I expect to have sold all copies within the next months and am really looking forward to this as it means I will have a clear mind and energy for working on new visuals.

While my book is available in book stores as well, it's a bit frustrating that they don't like to keep the book in stock for you to browse through. We live in times where nudes are not something forbidden even in the Western world. But in case, you'd like to have a look in the book or learn more about it, before you decide to buy a copy, you can check out 30 videos in German on YouTube with censored photos from the book or in English on Vimeo with uncesonsered pics.