Inspiration Divine

I have been styling with lingerie by Maison Close for more than 10 years now. In summer, they produced a moody film in Ibiza. It has the typical exaggerated beauty that leaves you in doubt if you can be part of it. Yet it is so appealing.


Monsieur le Français is the founder of the brand Maison Close. Not only is he designing every piece of lingerie, he is also a very creative head who is highly interested in photography and filming. So he came up with a concept for this fashion movie. I really like how everything looks in black and white and in slow motion. Both add so much to the atmosphere.

Inspiration Divine is an hommage, a love anthem, a story, an encounter, of hearts and bodies, because love is the most infinite source of inspiration.


Writer: Monsieur le Français
Director: Monsieur le Français
Chief Operator-Director of Photography: Bastien Sablé
Post Production: Bastien Sablé
Casting: Monika Andrieu & Marc Deval
MUA: Ruth Palmer
Music: Alexis Perez-Sobrino - SoWatt