Inspiration through movement

When traveling we have a different mindset. We are more curious and we leave all the burden of everyday life behind us. Joan Bosch summarizes this with a beautiful video clip.


Joan Bosch is a film maker from Spain.

I always thought, it was absurd that I live in a city that makes me just want to leave it. Because inspiration is elsewhere. But I understand that it is all about traveling, because this sharpens your senses. And therefore, I was both amused and inspired by the beautiful piece of work, created by Joan Bosch. Now see for yourself:


"(Life) While Traveling" is a short film about the way we look to the world when we travel. It's about colors, shapes, textures and details that surrounds us every day, but we only realize when we are far from home.

Director/Editor: Joan Bosch
Voice-Over: Anna Maruny
Sound Studio: Serena

California & Nevada, 2018.