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January 9, 2019

The Lust

The past few weeks, I spent many days on the couch. Enjoying the quieter days at the end of the year. And I watched many tutorials on color grading, filming b-roll and how to achieve cool things with gimbals when filming. Now, this clip just blew me away.

Tim Robertovich managed to create a masterpiece in only 64 seconds. I cannot remember ever having seen such a beautiful usage of a barrel roll in film.

Together with the music, the styling (implementation of the cross from the body to the church), this is a perfect match.

5 out of 5 stars from me. Huge inspiration for me for 2019.


Dir, DoP, Edit, Color, Style: @rvbertvm
Producer: @badpainter
Starring: @vbulusheva
Music supervisor: @the_mnaz
Make up, hair: @olessya_pushkina

Simon Bolz, Frankfurt
Tel.: +49 (69) 95 82 02 12
Mob.: +49 (172) 620 55 18


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