The Fat Jewish by Tony Kelly

Ten years ago a model introduced me to Tony Kelly. I instantly liked his vivid colors and the irony in his images. One of his key pieces is photographing model figures on models.


Recently I read a long critique about Tony Kelly's work and his photographs were said to be immature and childish. Puh! What a silly critics. It's irony and fun. The overly saturated colors remind of the perfect world known from Barbie and Ken. And there's a good portion of Irish humor involved in Tony's world, too.

I admire him for thinking out of the box, for creating a unique style and for mastering photography with tiny model figures that look funny.


The Fat Jew / @thefatjewish / Wrenn Management
model // Julia Gall / Next Models / @juliag1308
model // Lauren Young / Vision / @laurenmarieyoung
model // Cate Chant / Wrenn Models / @cate_chant
photography // Tony Kelly
video // Eric Longden
stylist // Lisa Bae / The Rex Agency / @lisabae
make up // Sally Wang / Cloutier Remix / @sallywangbeauty
hair // Charles Dujic / Tomlinson Management Group / @charlesdujic
via TREATS! Media