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June 18, 2018

Forever young

Staying connected to the youth is essential for my work. Because we all want to stay young, freeze the best years of our lives. When nothing mattered more than joyful moments and you had no sorrows. Playfulness, childishness, crazyness. How do you put this into a visual experience?

Alexis Ren shows you how. This internet celebrity and American model, takes you 'Closer' and these are very intimate experiences caught on film. When I say intimate, you might confuse it with sexual. But that's not what I meant. Have a look at the behind the scenes like filming. It's like you're a friend being along with her, following her steps through life, rather than a youtube user. Ok, she's teasing a bit and she's playful. But instead of perfect posing, the Zeitgeist asks for personality. Definitely to be seen in this video.

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