Lingerie without labels

Lingerie without labels

Underwear is something light. Hiding a bit but showing a lot. To me, it's a piece of art as well. Something that emphasizes female beauty. To others, it's just a business. They need to sew a big logo inside the tiny piece of lingerie and add long washing instructions, too. But finally, I found someone who does it my way.


Whoa! I am so happy, the long search is over and finally one designer of lingerie understood that it's bullshit to destroy the beautiful material by adding logos and instruction manuals. The pieces look so much better when you leave them pure as they are and I don't need to try to cut out the labels any longer.

This is a big plus and I wish other brands would learn from this and change their misbehavior.

As of now, I want to keep it a secret who manufactures these beautiful pieces. As you might imagine, it took me a long time to discover it (hard investigation in the lingerie jungle, you know) and I will make sure to buy my underwear from this new brand regularly, now.

It's a fairly new lingerie brand and I really hope, they don't discover that branding is something common that they should introduce, too.

By the way, it goes for myself, as well. My calendar is unbranded every year and I don't use a logo on my website, too.