Selling my Profoto Studio Gear

Selling my Profoto Studio Gear

For around 15 years, I am using Profoto light equipment and their stuff never let me down. Personally, I know better what I need now (just one small flash head like the B10), but if you're photographing in a studio situation, you might want to get some of my used stuff.


Some of the things that I am selling are not even available any longer. Like the stripmask for the 3x4 foot softbox. It turns the softbox into a strip light.

Also, it's a shame I barely used the ringflash. It's such a great piece and unique light. I even have the wide soft reflector on it which gives a real cool light. But as I am getting rid of my Profoto Acute 1200 R flash generator, I can't keep the ringflash either.

Or if you already have any Profoto system in use, you might want a standard zoom reflector, one with barn doors or even a 3x4 foot softbox. They are all unused and rest in my cabinet for a few years already.


Sunbounce Sun Bouncer Pro Frame
10cm Stripmask for Profoto Softbox 3x4 Foot (90x120cm)
3 x 500 W lamps
Profoto Zoom Reflector with Barn Doors
Profoto Acute Ringflash with Wide Soft Reflector: I kept it
Profoto Acute 2R 1200 Flash generator + Pocket Wizard Pro + Sync Cable + 3 x Profoto D4 Flash Heads
Profoto 3x4 Foot Softbox (90x120cm)
Profoto Standard Zoom Reflector

All prices are basis for negotiation. I am more than happy if this great gear finds a fellow photographer who can create beautiful things with it, too. I will upload 'sold out' pictures once something is gone.

Any questions, please let me know. Feel free to contact me.