Shutter Count on Sony Cameras

Shutter Count on Sony Cameras

All digital cameras count how many times the shutter has been released. But with many of the cameras it is difficult to find out that number. If you ever sell or buy a used one, this is handy to know. So here is how it works with Sony cameras.


The shutter count is written in the header of each file the camera writes. So, it is a unique number and always there. Regular programs remove this header information though when processing or saving the files.

But you can simply drag a raw file (.arw) or an original JPG written by your Sony camera into your browser when you have this tool open:

They say a camera is good to go until 250,000 shutter releases. I am not sure how precise this number is, but it seems, I am all good to go.

Image count on my gear

The image won't get uploaded to anywhere. Your browser simply reads the header and outputs the values. As you can see in my test, luckily I didn't need my backup camera much yet. It has less than 2,000 shutter releases.

A very handy tool, thanks to the programmer(s) of this!