Why I don't feel like filming anymore

Why I don't feel like filming anymore

With every photo project these days, you create accompanying video footage. It has become so commonplace because it can be used very well for online marketing. Even for my own projects, such as my next photo book, I force myself to do this.


Why do I have to force myself to do this, I asked myself. Filming used to be something I enjoyed insanely. I even expressed the desire to want to create music videos one day. And I also enjoy editing a lot.

Something must have happened that made me lazy when it comes to filming. I went for a walk today to investigate this question and quickly found out who's to blame. It is once again social media.

Social media's fault

Due to the fact that short clips appear everywhere and constantly, in so-called stories on instagram, facebook and whatsapp, I'm just insanely oversaturated. The videos are so irrelevant, boring or annoying that I just can't identify with them.

I have an inner block against moving images. I simply have no desire for video clips anymore! They get on my nerves and I'm no longer interested in the shown fake world.

Just ten years ago, TV stations were accused of broadcasting scripted reality. Today, every influencer (and everyone is an influencer) makes his clips that really punch in the face and unfortunately I feel that this is a major aberration.

So it's the amount of video clips combined with the insignificance of the pictures that is unhealthy to me.

Importance of trailers

Unfortunately, I feel that a trailer for my next book is very important to convey emotions and to capture behind the scenes of the period of creating the book. That's why I have to jump over my shadow here and pull myself together to produce beautiful footage. And not to do exactly what everyone else is doing: To get on your nerves with the clips.

Right now, I don't know exactly how it's going to work out. I'll be honest about that. When you see the same thing over and over, you're tempted to adapt.

Maybe it all is less complicated than I think. I could create a little storyboard for each photo project and capture such planned moving sequences. It's just not always that easy when there's no one on set but the model and me.