Playboy Germany 12/2022

Playboy Germany 12/2022

The year is slowly coming to an end and you might wonder where my Playmate spread for Playboy Germany this year is. Don't worry, here it comes! The December issue of the German Playboy magazine has just been published and in it you can see a Playmate pictorial that I shot with Bianca on Tenerife.


As always, I thought of something special for the Playmate production. And so Bianca and I went to the mountains of Tenerife, where a lonely hut with barrel sauna was waiting for us. This was also urgently needed, because the outside temperatures were only 15 degrees and naked this feels a bit fresh.

The car ride there was adventurous, but when we arrived, the surroundings were just stunning. I love to work undisturbed.

Steep and narrow road ahead

I'm not the best firebug, but still managed to light the fireplace in the hut while keeping an eye on the fire in the sauna stove. I know a sauna is supposed to be heated to at least 80 degrees Celsius, but at 50 degrees it was already hot enough for my photos.

Being so lonely in nature was just fantastic. Every now and then you could hear the call of a bird of prey, otherwise there was absolute silence. Inside I played my playlist and Bianca said the music was ok, her father would also listen to such songs. Thanks a lot! I don't feel old at all.


At the beach early in the morning

But now I have talked enough. It's time for the pictures. And as I said, you can get them printed and with a centerfold poster in the current Playboy December at every gas station in Germany or digitally here. 35 additional motifs from the shoot can be seen on Playboy Premium.

Feel free to also follow Playmate Bianca on instagram if you like.

Exhausted after the shoot
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