Calendar 2023

Calendar 2023

Currently, my calendar for 2023 is in print. This is always a special moment, because unpacking and signing the finished copies feels special every year. I put a lot of effort into creating a beautiful calendar that you can enjoy for a whole year.


We live in weird times. Unfortunately, my printing house no longer offers calendars in the old 35 x 50 cm format. I have asked several other printing houses all over Germany and got a rejection everywhere.

Some of them are currently not even able to fulfill orders because they are no longer supplied with paper. I can't really believe it myself, but that's what I've been told. Others no longer have enough employees because they were laid off during the pandemic.

First Quarter 2023

New format but better paper

To cut a long story short, the current crises have increased production costs by about 40%. So in order to keep my selling price stable, I decided to go to the smaller A3 format (29.7 x 42 cm). And I consciously upgraded to a better 300 g/m² paper. Offering best quality (a lot over industry standard) is important to me.

In addition, I have new packaging with edge protection. To ensure that the calendars will arrive safely.

Second Quarter 2023

But now finally to the pleasant part. The contents of my calendar: beautiful women.

After two years of pandemic, it was especially important to me not to have to fetch any of my old photos from the archive for 2023. All motifs for this calendar are from completely new productions. I went to Tenerife, Ibiza, Paris and Rome to photograph the pictures.

As in previous years, I have equipped the calendar with a small second photo on each page.

Third Quarter 2023
Fourth Quarter 2023

I will now sign the calendars individually and pack them carefully. The first copies will be sent out in August. As every year, the edition is limited to 200 pieces. Please do not wait too long before you order.

Like always, the calendar is free of advertisements. No URL, no logo, nothing to distract you from the images.

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