Elevator Pitch

Elevator Pitch

The elevator pitch was originally an idea by sales people to convince customers of their product during an elevator ride. Because it rarely lasted longer than 60 seconds, all relevant information had to fit into this time window. I was recently told my website was not on point. So I'm taking you on a short elevator ride with me.


It's correct. It's important that people know what you stand for and what you actually do. Some people have the idea that I'm surrounded by naked women all day. I'm glad you think so because it shows you have a great sense of humor.

In reality, I spend most of my time at the computer, planning projects, selecting photos and retouching them. I spend 30 minutes on social media each day, but only because I have to.

Photography is my calling

I have been taking photos professionally since 2006. In my works I celebrate the beauty and appeal of the female body without crossing the line.

I shoot series of nudes for magazines such as Playboy, produce sedcards, organize calendar productions and work independently on coffee table books.

We live in an era of sensory overload and are surrounded by negative news every day. My photography tells light-hearted stories and serves as entertainment.

My pictures are not assembly line work. I'm constantly looking for new themes and poses. In fact, my life is all about visuals.

We were all born nude and nudity is the most natural thing on earth. I create nudes with warmth, authenticity, freshness and a pinch of eros.

I currently travel through Europe and you can also hire me for discreet private photo sessions. Occasionally I offer workshops for aspiring nude photographers and share my knowledge and experience.

You can buy books, calendars and limited edition art prints from me.

Simon Bolz

I hope you enjoy the ride

BING! The elevator has now arrived and I hope you are a little smarter than before. Being rather introverted I will never actually tell you this stuff in an elevator without being asked. But thank you very much for reading my pitch.